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This  website  provides an information service (including QQQ FREE Options Trading Alerts) to investors  interested in maintaining a  medium-term position in the Nasdaq 100 portfolio, optimized through strategies.  

Option buy or sell alerts are generated by a set of algorithms, designed to execute aggressive or defensive strategies based on volatility (VXN) and portfolio performance.

We introduce you in this section some of our English language content.

QQQ FREE Options Trading Alert

As you know, investment policies, algorithms, maths & numbers are beyond languages. So, all English-speaking navigators who wish to receive the alerts generated by our algorithms, can request them, for free, by sending us an e-mail to

Just tell us that you want to receive Free Trading Alerts, and during the month in which you send your message, and also during the following two months, you will be able to know our strategies, either to subscribe later or as an alternative source of analysis for the execution of your own investment strategies.

You will NOT find Daily Alerts. Sometimes, several ones are generated in a week, and sometimes weeks go by without news. It depends on the market.

FREE registration will allow you to be notified of changes, and receive Trading Alerts indicating the start or end of the Strategies programmed in our trading algorithms

When your initial trial period has ended, we’ll notify you so you can subscribe if you wish, with an additional minimum subscription period for two more months. (You can check the menu option called «Unirte» (Join) to get all the information).

As of June 30th. 2023, these are the results:

SPY QQQ jun 30 2023

The Trading Strategy

The trading strategy was put in practice and published since 2019, after backesting the algorithms for a 12 year period (2007-2018).

As we explain in the section «Algorithmic Trading», we think that the main decision involves the correct choice of the market we are going to invest in, and we chose Wall Street.

Then, we focus on the importance of selecting a good investment portfolio, and chose the Nasdaq 100 to generate our algorithms.

That way, we have a good portfolio through a single asset, QQQ ,  the ETF developed by  Invesco to emulate the performance of the Nasdaq 100.

We acquire QQQ units and only trade options on QQQ.

The QQQ units we buy are kept in our portfolio, we never sell them, a pasive investment strategy.

Periodically, we reinvest the profits earned by purchasing more units of QQQ.

Based on the yields and risks (VXN) we monitor daily in QQQ, our algorithms  determine the times of executing Aggressive or Defensive Strategies.

If you want to understand how the QQQ free Options Trading Alerts system has been developed, you can visit the following links, designed for English-speaking navigators:


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QQQ Portfolio