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This  website  provides an information service (including QQQ FREE Trading Alerts) to investors  interested in maintaining a  medium-term position in the Nasdaq 100 portfolio and other assets, optimized through strategies.  

The investment strategies were modeled on a set of 12 algorithms, which we have named AL-500, designed to execute aggressive or defensive strategies based on volatility and portfolio performance.

It’s called the AL-500 because its purpose is to outperform the S&P 500 Index, and to achieve that goal while minimizing risks.

On this site, we offer you an approach based on applying artificial intelligence fundamentals applied to finance.

Analyzing this approach can be useful, either to adopt a similar one, or to generate your own investment policy.

The video is based on our preferred asset, QQQ.

Adapting the weight of the algorithms to the volatility of each asset, you can also find on this site investment strategies in the following assets:

The basic strategy is, then, very simple. Let’s see together how it works using QQQ as an example.

We buy a position on QQQ and hold it, until a market signal tells us otherwise.

The twelve algorithms generate buy or sell signals for different portions of our portfolio.

This means that, for example, a poor price performance in the short term will generate a sell signal for only a portion of the position in QQQ.

The remainder of the position will be subject to medium- and long-term performance variations.

Then, changes in market conditions do not generate drastic decisions (sell or buy everything) but staggered decisions, designed to gradually exit the market in times of downturns and gradually enter the recovery and upside phases.

The relative weight of each algorithm is programmed according to the volatility (the risk) of QQQ.

At different times, we will have invested 20%, 60%, etc. in QQQ, reaching up to 100%, and the rest in Cash.

In this way, the risk of our portfolio, which we call AL-QQQ, will always be lower than the risk of QQQ.

We only share the total volatility of QQQ when AL-500 tells us to have 100% of our portfolio invested in QQQ.

The rest of the time, our Cash position, which has zero volatility, generates a combined risk that is always lower.

Every trading day on Wall Street involves an update of the algorithms, and when any of them generates a buy-to-sell signal, an alert is triggered.

For example, let’s suppose that before the alert our portfolio was distributed like this: 70% in QQQ and 30% in Cash.

If the alert is to buy an additional 10%, then it will instruct us to affect part of our Cash position to increase our investment in QQQ and bring it to 80% of the portfolio.

Once the investment policies have been defined, and based on them the set of algorithms  that we have called AL-500, we schedule a backtesting, that is, an evaluation of the results that AL-500 would have generated in the five-year period between the beginning of 2018 and the end of 2022.

These were the results:

Once the backtesting was done, we tested the performance of AL-500 applied to QQQ during 2023:

FREE Trading Alerts

As you know, investment policies, algorithms, maths & numbers are beyond languages. So, all English-speaking navigators who wish to receive the alerts generated by our algorithms, can request them, for free, by sending us an e-mail to

Just tell us that you want to receive Free Trading Alerts, and during the month in which you send your message, and also during the following two months, you will be able to know our strategies, either to subscribe later or as an alternative source of analysis for the execution of your own investment strategies.

You will NOT find Daily Alerts. Sometimes, several ones are generated in a week, and sometimes weeks go by without news. It depends on the market.

When your initial trial period has ended, we’ll notify you so you can subscribe if you wish.

If you want to understand how the QQQ free Trading Alerts system has been developed, you can visit the following links, designed for English-speaking navigators:


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